At Portland Nurture is central to everything we do. We take a holistic approach to learning because we know that children need to feel safe and confident to learn and achieve their potential. Our ASPIRE and STARFISH ethos ensures that children are supported and encouraged to make choices which develop their social understanding and interactions, helping them become positive active members of Portland and the wider community.

Nurture provision is accessed by children who need additional specialised support. At Portland we use Play Therapy, Art Imaging and Anger Understanding to provide 1:1 personalised therapy which equip children with the skills to help themselves. Play Therapy is non-directive and non-judgemental, offering children a safe place with boundaries to express their needs and discover the tools to explore their feelings and identify steps of action. Art Imaging is directed therapy which uses the medium of art to explore children's feelings in a safe and supportive space, allowing them greater understanding of what they are experiencing and identifying the action they want to take. Anger understanding allows children to delve into their feelings, identifying triggers and using a range of techniques to help them understand why they feel angry and what they can do to deal with the negative feelings building inside them. Children learn more productive ways of releasing their feelings, communicating their feelings to the adults around them who can help them make better choices.

Some children access Nurture through small group work. Each group's needs are identified and worked on through the use of drama, music, talking and listening activities and sensory experiences. All work centres on the understanding and acceptance that we are all unique with individual experiences and needs. The group is based on TEAM work and the belief that we can all help ourselves and others to achieve success, celebrating the journey we took and the relationships we built along the way.

Our aim for children who have accessed Nurture support is for them to become more confident and self-aware, to have a better understanding of their feelings and actions so they can take ownership of their choices. Children are empowered with the skills to help themselves and make choices which have a positive impact on their life in school and at home. The relationship between home and school is central to ensuring every child has the opportunity and support to achieve greatness – and here at Portland we know every child is GREAT, challenging ourselves to become positive active members of Great Britain.

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